Celebrity Bedtime Storytime Ft. Coloma Castro

❤️Hafa adai, CNMI! In celebration of National Library Week, our featured Celebrity Bedtime Storytime is local author Coloma Castro, who will be reading in Chamorro from his book entitled “I Lina’la’ Hu,” which means “My Life” in English. Si Yuús Maáse, Coloma! Thank you so much for taking part in National Library Week!

What are some of your favorite bedtime stories? Please let us know!

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❤️Biba, National Library Week! Biba, National Library Bookmobile Day! Stay safe and healthy, CNMI!👍

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JKPL’s Virtual Storytime, “A Chair for My Mother”. Narrated by Celina Foreman

❤️It’s “Virtual Storytime,” part of the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library’s Read-Aloud series. Today’s book is “A Chair for My Mother” written and illustrated by Vera Williams and narrated by Librarian Celina Foreman. Fun Fact: “A Chair for My Mother” is also one of the featured books of the Northern Marianas Humanities Council’s Motheread/Fatheread CNMI curriculum Cnmi Motheread, and Librarian Celina C. Foreman is a Certified Teacher in both the Adult Literacy Course and the Children’s Story Exploring Class. For a list of free resources to accompany today’s read aloud, please visit the following: link:



What is your favorite Children’s book to read aloud? Let us know.

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❤️Biba, National Library Week! Biba, National Library Bookmobile Day! Stay safe and healthy, CNMI!

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JKPL’s Virtual Storytime, “The Tickly Monster”. Narrated by Rose Ulloa

❤️It’s “Virtual Storytime,” part of the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library’s Read-Aloud series. The first book is “The Tickly Monster” written by Andrea Doering (Author), Sue King (Illustrator) and narrated by Children’s Librarian Rose Ulloa. What is your favorite Children’s book to read aloud? Let us know.

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❤️Biba, National Library Week! Biba, National Library Workers Day! Stay safe and healthy, CNMI!

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Teen Advisory Board

Teen Advisory Board Registration Form

What is it? Joeten-Kiyu Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board is a group of leadership and community minded teens that work together to plan, promote, and execute teen programming for the library. T.A.B. programs happen 2-3 times a year and are run exclusively by T.A.B. members for teens across the CNMI. This is a great way to gain leadership experience, community service hours, and will also look great on any resume!

When is it? A definitive meeting time will be decided by the board.

Who runs it? T.A.B. is really a program run by the teens. Our Young Adult Services/Teen/Technical Services Librarian, Beth, guides and helps the members with their programs, but the teens involved have a lot of creative freedom with the design and execution of their programming.

What if I have more questions? Contact Beth at bethdemapanjkpl@gmail.com.

Please register the using the following link. https://forms.gle/wWSsdwhn4A6LpbmR8

JKPL ONline Resources


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Teen Book Cloud : Grade 7-12 ebook database: Access to Teen Book Cloud will be available until August 31, 2020! Login: ReadCNMI PW:login
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Free e-books and resources you can download to your smartphone or tablet. The Open eBooks app uses next generation eBook technology to make reading on your smartphone or tablet simple and  convenient. It is designed to make browsing, accessing, and reading eBooks simple and easy using your JKPL library card. Don’t have a card? No worries. Call your friendly Joeten-Kiyu Public Library 235-7323 (READ) for your ID or private message us on facebook @joetenkiyupubliclibrary for your code.


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