Joeten-Kiyu Public Library Staff

State Library Director

Erlinda Naputi
State Library Director


Vincent Sablan
Administrative Officer III
Vicky Cabrera
Administrative Assistant

Library Operations

Beth Demapan
Technical Services Librarian

Library Services:
Circulation, Children, Teens, Outreach


Emily Van Weerdhuizen
Librarian II
Ray Deleon Guerrero
Librarian I
Gerard Borja
Librarian Assistant II

Children of Our Homeland Center

Rosalinda Ulloa
Librarian II
Celina Foreman
Librarian I
Maria Crisostomo
Library Assistant I


Leora Terlaje
Library Assistant II
Carrie Camacho
Library Assistant II

Tech/Computer Services:
Information Technology Center

Omar Manacop
Computer Programmer
Roy Rechebei
Computer Specialist II


The State Library of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana islands