2017 JKPL Summer Reading Program




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Welcome to the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library this summertime as we work together to “Build a Better World” for the CNMI!  Readers of all ages are invited to join the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library and the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library Outreach Program in exploring the great things our library has to offer! Open registration begins Tuesday, May 9th 2017 and ends Friday, May 26th, 2017 from 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library Children’s Library (COHL). Registration is required. All participants must have a valid Joeten-Kiyu Public Library card with no pending fees/or fines.

We understand that transportation makes it difficult for families to have access to the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library. This summer, your friendly Book Mobile will be out in the community promoting our Joeten-Kiyu Public Library not only by visiting the Community Centers, but also by conducting home visits (July to August) upon request for families who would like to be a part of the Children, Teen, and Adult Summer Reading Program. Biba, Marianas!

For Children (ages 6 years old to 12 years old):The 2017 Joeten-Kiyu Public Library Children’s Summer Program consists of the following activities: Read Aloud & Craft / Reading Rangers, Computer Days, Special Guest Days, Movie Days (all ages) and Independent Reading Challenge and more. The Joeten-Kiyu Public Library Outreach Program via the Book Mobile will be visiting the following locations for the Children’s Summer Program: Garapan Community Development Center, Fernando Benavente Memorial Library, Koblerville Youth Learning Center, Tanapag Youth Center, and Kagman Community Center. (*see JKPL Children’s Summer Program Schedule)

For Teens: Join our Teen Summer Library Experience! Track your summer reading and learning to earn points toward your Summer Reading goal. More points equals more prizes! Teen Summer Library Experience Program runs from June 6 to August 4 in the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library.

For Adults: This summer, the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library will offer for the 1st time ever, our Adult Summer Library Institute. Adults who read or listen to eight books this summer will receive a gift for finishing. Visit a local cultural event, attend a Library program, or check out a museum or park to count as one of your eight books! Complete the CNMI Motheread/Fatheread Family Literacy Program offered at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library and receive an awesome prize! Adult Summer Library Institute runs from June 6 to August 4 in the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library.


*Joeten-Kiyu Public Library(JKPL) Children’s Summer Reading Program Schedule:
Session 1: Joeten-Kiyu Public Library

June 6 – June 16, 2017

1A—Ages 6-8/ 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

1B—Ages 9-12/ 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Session 2:  Joeten-Kiyu Public Library

June 20 – June 30, 2017

2A—Ages 6-8/ 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

2B—Ages 9-12/ 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Session 3: JKPL Book Mobile Outreach @ Garapan Community Development Center

July 5-7, 2017 ages 6-12 years old

9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Session 4: JKPL Book Mobile Outreach@ Fernando Benavente Memorial Library (San Antonio)

July 18 -21, 2017 ages 6-12 years old

9:30 AM – 12:00 NOON

Session 5: JKPL Book Mobile Outreach @ Koblerville Youth Learning Center

Youth Learning Center

July 25-28, 2017 ages 6-12 years old

9:30 AM – 12:00 NOON

Session 6: JKPL Bookmobile Outreach @ Tanapag Youth Center

August 1-4, 2017 ages 6-12 years old

9:30 AM – 12:00 NOON

Session 7: JKPL Book Mobile Outreach @ Kagman Community Center

August 8-11, 2017 ages 6-12 years old

9:30 AM – 12:00 NOON

Please check www.cnmilib.org or facebook: joeten kiyu for the latest information or contact 235-7315.  For JKPL Children’s Program Outreach information (Book Mobile), please contact: 287-7316/235-7315. For Teen Summer Library Experience and Adult Summer Library Institute Program Information, please contact: 783-7678.   For interested participants, please visit the library during our hours of operation: Tuesday-Friday (10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.), Saturday (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.), Sundays, Mondays, and Holidays CLOSED.

National Library Week and National Book Mobile Day Proclamation Signing

On April 6, 2017, Joeten-Kiyu Public Library will have a National Library Week and National Book Mobile Day proclamation signing and JKPL community garden ribbon-cutting ceremony starting at 10:30 a.m.

So come one, come all, young and old. It’s that time of the year to celebrate your library, and your love of literacy. Biba JKPL! Biba literacy! Biba CNMI!

For the whole month of April we are having our book-sale in the library and then on April 8, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. we will be having a special outdoor book-sale for the public.

On April 9 we will be open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and also celebrating Free Library Card Day.

Patrons who have lost their library cards can apply for another card for free if their library record is clear of fines. When applying for a free library card please bring a CNMI driver’s license I.D. or passport, mayor’s I.D. and any piece of mail from your mailbox to verify your mailing address and to also update your mailing address if need be.

Children under 18 applying for a free library card must have their parents or guardians with them when applying.

For the rest of the week we will be having Amnesty Week as well. So if you or anybody you know have any JKPL books and items that are way past due, please turn them in and all late fees/fines will be waived as long as books or items are still in good condition.

Throughout the whole month of April we will be also having a canned food drive. Patrons who have library fines can balance off fines with weight of canned food donations. For example, $1 off per pound. All canned goods will be donated to Karidat Social Services. Expired goods will not be accepted.

For more information, please call us at 235-7322/7323.

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