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Library Policy

A library card is required before a patron may borrow or use library material or request enhanced services. It is the patron’s responsibility to inform the library if patron’s card has been lost or stolen. Failure to promptly inform the library of  lost or stolen library card will hold the patron responsible for materials borrowed.

Any library patron leaving a public library with library material shall be required to check out the library material out using a valid JKPL library card.

Smoking and/or vaping is prohibited within a public library and within twenty-five feet from any entrance, exit, windows that open and ventilation intakes that serve an enclosed or partially enclosed area.

Chewing betelnut is prohibited on public library property.

Consumption and use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on public library property.

Eating and drinking are prohibited in a public library except that refreshments may be served in a meeting room, or as otherwise authorized by the library director or designee.

Animals, other than service animals, are prohibited from a public library, unless otherwise authorized by the library director or designee. A service animal means any animal that is trained to provide those life activities limited by the disability of the person.

Skates shall not be worn or used in or on public library property


The public library shall not be responsible for the care of any child left unattended in a public library. The parent or guardian shall be responsible at all times for a child on public library property. A child aged twelve (12) and below left unattended by a parent, guardian, adult, or other responsible person may be reported to the police or other appropriate public agency.

Use of electrical outlets on public library property is prohibited unless otherwise authorized by a library director or designee. The use of an electrical outlet for the purposes of personal consumption of food or drink or for personal hygiene is prohibited.

Neither the public library nor the public library staff is responsible for personal items left unattended, stolen, or damaged on public library property.

Behavior deemed disruptive by the library staff shall be prohibited at all times. If the library patron continues to display disruptive behavior after being warned by the library official, the patron shall be requested to leave the library until the disruptive behavior has ceased. Failure to leave the library property will be reported to authorities.

Please put your phone on vibrate or silence when in the library; ALimit your calls to brief, quiet conversations;

Prohibited disruptive behavior is that which unduly interferes with a reasonable library patrons quiet enjoyment and use of the public library. Examples are: fighting; excessive and/or loud noise; display of offensive images on internet terminals; political campaign and harassment to patrons and/or staff.

Registered sex offenders who are convicted  of sexual offenses are prohibited on library property or loitering within 300 feet of library property.  A sex offender is a person who is required to register with the CNMI Sex Offender Registry (PL17-49).

Any person who unlawfully or maliciously cuts, tears, defaces, disfigures, soils, obliterates, breaks, or otherwise damages any library material shall be referred to the library director or designee, and if necessary, shall be reported to the authorities.

Any person violating any decision or order of the library director or any administrative rule governing Joeten-Kiyu Public Library, may be denied use of a public library for a period of time to be determined by the library director or designee.

JKPL observes the common no shirt, no shoes, no service policy. In addition, patrons will not be permitted to wear inappropriate, suggestive, vulgar, or excessively revealing clothing not conducive to community standards. Patrons with an excessive amount of any offensive odor or substance like grease, ink, oil, blood, etc, that can be transferred to other patrons, library furnishings or equipment will not be permitted in the library.

Paid tutors are prohibited from tutoring on library property unless authorized by library director or designee.

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