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Motheread/Fatheread® CNMI

Motheread/Fatheread Administrated by the Northern Marianas Humanities Council, in partnership with the CNMI Public School system and the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library.

Who we are…..

Motheread/Fatheread® CNMI was created in 1998 by the Northern Marianas Humanities Council to help families routinely use reading and storytelling as a medium for enhancing literacy in their homes. In FY2019, staff and volunteers promoted literacy and program activities at 119 events in the CNMI reaching a total of 26,467 people. The program offered 13 Adult Courses at various sites contributing to 74 graduates and facilitated 22 Story Exploring Sessions engaging 385 children between the ages of 4-11 with activities that promote reading comprehension, critical thinking, family values, and problem-solving skills.

What is Motheread® Inc.?

Motheread®, Inc. is a nationally acclaimed private, non-profit organization based in North Carolina that combines the teaching of literacy skills with child development and family empowerment issues. Parents and children learn to use the power of language to discover more about themselves their families, and their communities. Motheread® offers separate classes for both the adults and children. In Motheread/Fatheread adult classes, participants learn to be story readers, writers, and tellers in a group structure that supports their sense of worth and ability. These classes are appropriate for all adults, regardless of reading ability or prior educational experience. By teaching the “why” of reading rather than just emphasizing the “how”, classes encourage parents to be reading role models for their children. For children story exploring provides a structured environment for reading, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

How does it work? As a parent what do I do?

During classes, parents and a certified Motheread/Fatheread® parent trainer discuss literacy; language, reading and parenting issues as the read together a book from the Motheread/Fatheread® Curriculum. All the books in our curriculum are based on one of five child and family development themes. After each class, the parents are given on a week loan, a copy of the storybook and a
copy of the Motheread/Fatheread® CNMI Story Extender home. They are tasked to read to/with, discuss and do the suggested activities with their children. Each parent who attends at least six of the classes in a course will receive a certificate of completion, a Motheread/Fatheread® CNMI book bag and three storybooks for their children. The parents are also given a set of the Eagle Books upon availability. The Eagle Books is a series of four books that is used by the program to promote literacy and a healthy lifestyle intended to prevent diabetes. Moreover, CNMI Motheread/Fatheread® has included a financial literacy component to our curriculum in partnership with the Bank of Hawaii. This community outreach effort assists families regarding financial literacy.

Early Literacy & Children’s Story Exploring Program

Each Adult Course features a complementary Story Exploring session for children of adult participants. Story Exploring sessions are designed for children from birth through age 11 and use multicultural children’s books to build reading and critical thinking skills. This curriculum uses targeted reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities to foster problem solving, increase comprehension, and nurture a love of books. Children learn vocabulary and how to interpret stories using props, games, songs, and other activities to make reading fun. Story Exploring sessions are facilitated by certified Story Exploring instructors.

The goals of the Motheread/Fatheread® CNMI is to help parents to:

Recognize that their own stories and stories in books are a good way to communicate with their children.

Understand the messages in children’s stories.

Become familiar with the many ways to use stories as a way to improve children’s academic skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, comprehension, and critical thinking.

Discuss important parenting skills and challenges with other adults in a supportive environment.

Motheread/Fatheread® CNMI enables parents to effectively use the power of stories and literature to …

    • Increase children’s interest in asking questions
    • Create early positive experiences with books
    • Strengthen family bonds, communication, and relationships
    • Value and establish reading as a prime family activity
    • Improve parent’s own reading skills
    • Increase parent’s patience with their children
    • Help parents become reading role models for their children

A complete Motheread/Fatheread® cycle is a total of eight class sessions. These sessions may be held once or twice a week. The duration of each class session is one to two hours. Classes are regularly held at the head start centers, elementary schools, youth/community centers and at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library. Other venue may be pre-arranged.

Upon completion, the program celebrates the achievements of the participants with:

    • Certificate of Acheivement
    • Motheread book bags
    • Motheread T-shirts
    • Story books
    • Increased knowledge and skills
    • Strengthen family bonds, communication and relationships.
    • Instilled a lifetime love and joy of reading and stories.
Office Location:

Joeten-Kiyu Public Library


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 501092 CK, Insatto Street
Susupe, Saipan, MP 96950

Contact Numbers:

Tel: (670) 235-7322/7323 READ
Fax: (670) 235-7550

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Facebook: mrfr.cnmi
Instagram: mothereadfathereadcnmi


Program Coordinator
Beth Demapan

Assistant Program Coordinator
Celina C. Foreman