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Teen Advisory Board

Teen Advisory Board Registration Form

What is it? Joeten-Kiyu Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board is a group of leadership and community minded teens that work together to plan, promote, and execute teen programming for the library. T.A.B. programs happen 2-3 times a year and are run exclusively by T.A.B. members for teens across the CNMI. This is a great way to gain leadership experience, community service hours, and will also look great on any resume!

When is it? A definitive meeting time will be decided by the board.

Who runs it? T.A.B. is really a program run by the teens. Our Young Adult Services/Teen/Technical Services Librarian, Beth, guides and helps the members with their programs, but the teens involved have a lot of creative freedom with the design and execution of their programming.

What if I have more questions? Contact Beth at

Please register the using the following link.